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The Wright Docents are persons from all walks of life who promote the education of the works of Frank Lloyd Wright

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The Wright Docent Fellows are people from all walks of life who promote the appreciation and understand of Frank Lloyd Wright and his organic architectural philosophy through the means of guided tours and shared knowledge. Wright Docent Fellowship members may be part time volunteers, professionals, conservators, organizations, or educators who share a common interest and knowledge with others of like mind helping to compile an accurate data base of personal experiences and factual information that can only be acquired through spending time and in and around Mr. Wright's architecture. As a conduit for cross-docent contact, the wrightdocent.org website is a social media tool for communicating raw and factual data and not opinions it is a not for profit means of sharing insight into the works of Frank Lloyd Wright. The web site is a platform open to communicate all valid announcements, news, events, new and historic imagery, and venue locations pertaining to Frank Lloyd Wright Architecture and education. Any person who has served as a tour guide or docent for any of Mr. Wright's architecture may be a Wright Docents Fellow. Anyone who knows of a need for a Wright Docent or wishes to be involved as an educator is welcome.

Frank Lloyd Wright | 1954 | Photo: Library of Congress

Frank Lloyd Wright | 1954 | Photo: Library of Congress


“Study Nature, love Nature, stay close to Nature.

It will never fail You”

- Frank LLoyd Wright

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The Wright Docent fellowship is a grass roots individual world of journeyman-ship, experiencing the built works of Mr. Wright. The academic study can never be a complete history. As the father of Organic architecture, when asked how an apprentice may germinate into a natural architect he quipped…”only by doing, and by filling all the senses, and looking into not at nature may the beauty of an organic architecture be created and reveled.“

 Wright Docents travel great distances with a passion to seek Wrights’ architecture. Most are volunteers, giving of their time to help preserve and restore Mr. Wrights’ buildings. Some venues are open yearly, others are private and are graciously opened on special events to raise charitable funds. Docents find joy in documenting, sharing data, and fulfilling their own quest to seek what the buildings are saying to them. All come for their own personal reasons: the engineer studies the structure, the poet is inspired by the home’s place in nature, the historian revels at the 100 year old building, artist sees a living piece of art - all searching for the innate artistic spiritual elements as the buildings evolve with the changing light of day or seasons of the year. Recording these patterns with drawings, art, still, and video film to share with peers and progeny alike. For Mr. Wright was ever seeking beauty to fulfill the spirit of the sovereign free individual. The goal of the Wright Docents is to continue help protect his architecture and thus to keep the spirit alive within them for now and our future.


Spread the knowledge and teachings of Frank Lloyd Wright between docents and spark youth interest through docent apprenticeship.


Help to drive fund contribution to as many Wright designed structure preservation foundations/trusts as possible.


Create a network of docents from across the country by creating opportunities for seasoned docents to volunteer at venues and homesites they have not yet visited.


3D digital renderings and floor plans of all homes including aerial homesite documentation (drone).


“No house should ever be on a hill or on anything. It should be of the hill. Belonging to it. Hill and house should live together each the happier for the other.”

- frank lloyd Wright

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